Safety In The use of Vaseline Throughout Oxygen Therapy: The Pharmacist’s Perspective

To supply a fireplace, fuel, an oxidizer, and an ignition source are vital. Vaseline has an ignition temperature or causes self-sustained combustion at >290 °C in regular ambiance with out an external supply of ignition. Nonetheless, the temperature at which a chemical will ignite decreases because the oxygen stress and/or oxygen focus enhance [7]. This reactivity also continues to increase with rising ambient temperature. In this way, materials that cannot be ignited in normal air may burn readily in oxygen-enriched atmospheres.

With ample stress and ignition power, almost all substances can burn in pure oxygen, including these that are not often regarded as flammable. Natural substances akin to oils and grease are ignited very easily when exposed to high oxygen concentrations and can perform as an ignition supply for other tougher to ignite supplies [5, 6, 7]. Combustion will so be strongly supported and substances can burn vigorously, together with some materials that don’t usually burn Petroleum Refinery Equipment in air. By this means, the presence of oils, grease and tar is extremely dangerous [6, 7].

Suppliers of medicinal gases (e.g. the British Oxygen Company, BOC Healthcare), strongly advice in opposition to using oils or grease to lubricate any part of the compressed medical oxygen cylinder or the related gear used to ship the gas to the affected person [eight]. The place moisturizers are required to be used with a facemask or in nasal passages of patient while on oxygen therapy, water-in-oil (W/O; water emulsified in oil) emulsions shouldn’t be used [7, eight, 9].

A variety of instances of burns to the scalp, face, and arms have been reported in patients who by accident ignited their hair after the application of paraffin-based hair grease. Based mostly on the demise of a patient who, while smoking, ignited bandages overlaying a vaseline ointment, the Nationwide Affected person Safety Company really helpful that patients must be told to not smoke and keep away from flames when utilizing paraffin-based mostly emollients [1].

The American Lung Association encourages security precautions including the usage of water-based mostly merchandise as a substitute of petroleum-based lotions or ointments [9].

Though the risks of fire are small, there have been quite a lot of incidents where patients and nursing staff have suffered burns to their hands and face following the use of

greasy hand creams and other petroleum primarily based lotions [1, 9, 10, eleven, 12, 13].

The query on using the mixture of vaseline and oxygen has additionally been risen by Winslow et al. [14] who mentioned the secure use of pretroleum jelly on patients receiving oxygen, however not in or on the tools itself.

Inside the tower and packing

As a result of lack of evidence based mostly information in literature, we have provided some recommendations based mostly on theoretical assumptions. Nevertheless, in some circumstances the place the usage of O/W emulsions is not potential (high ambient temperature fluidifying the out there emulsion, extreme sweat mixing with the emulsion, intolerance, using vaseline may be thought of however by no means on gear/supplies used throughout oxygen therapy and after ruling out an ignition supply.

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