Regulations Regarding Petroleum Products Specifications And Requirements. 23 June 2009. [PDF, 168KB]

Propylene EquipmentOutcomes Power Summit: 2007 [PDF, 452KB]

Petroleum Merchandise Act, 1977: Regulations regarding Petroleum Merchandise Wholesale Licences, [PDF, 917KB]

Petroleum Merchandise Act, 1977: Rules regarding Petroleum Site and Retail Licences, [PDF, 1.20MB]

Petroleum Merchandise Act, 1977: Regulations concerning Petroleum Products Manufacturing Licenses, [PDF, 936KB]

Petroleum Products Act (a hundred and twenty/1977): Regulations Petroleum products specifications and standards, [PDF, 445KB]

Accepted Draft Biofuels Trade Strategy [HTML web page]

Petroleum Products Licence Application numbers: 7 November 2006 [PDF, 1.40 MB]

Report of the Moerane Investigating Group to the Minister of Minerals and Energy on the December 2005 Fuel Shortages [PDF, eighty five.9 KB]

Charter for the South African petroleum and liquid fuels industry: empowering traditionally disadvantaged South Africans [PDF, 45.2KB]

Digest of South African power statistics 2005 [PDF, 2.19MB]. Covers statistics from 1992 to 2002. For further info contact Philip Goyns or Robert Kwinda.

Statistics for later years are being compiled.

South African national vitality database: costs of varied gas carriers e.g. petroleum, coal, crude oil, gas and electricity (May 2002) [PDF, 1.35MB].

The report for later years is being compiled.

Working guidelines to administer the fundamental fuels price methodology, 2 April 2003 [PDF, 31.2KB]

Annexure A [PDF, 398KB]

Annexure B [PDF, 75.8KB]

Administration of the ninety five unleaded petrol inland demand facet management levy (DSML). Effective: Four January 2006 [PDF, 20KB]

Memorandum of Understanding between the DME and the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) [PDF, 152KB]

Key to the different petrol price zones [demand aspect administration levy – DSML] [PDF, 98.9KB]

See additionally vitality planning and development above for annual aggregate vitality statistics

Legislation pertaining to liquid fuels

Laws R 1100 dated 2 June 1986, [PDF, 628KB] Rules by way of the Petroleum Pipelines Act (Act 60 of 2003) , [PDF, 1.10MB]

Petroleum Products Act a hundred and twenty of 1977, [PDF, 49.2 KB}

The White Paper on Energy Policy (1998) [PDF, 592KB]

Nationwide Energy Regulator Act, 2004 – developed to determine a single regulator to regulate the electricity, piped-gas and petroleum pipeline industries; and to offer for matters linked therewith [PDF, seventy three.6KB]

Petroleum Merchandise Act 1977: laws concerning petroleum merchandise manufacturing licences [PDF, three.1MB]

Petroleum Products Amendment Act, 2003 (Act 58 of 2003) [PDF, 1.09MB]

Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 2002, Act 28 of 2002. Authorities gazette no. 23922 (10 October 2002) [PDF, 172KB]

Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 2002, Act 28 of 2002: mineral and petroleum assets improvement laws. Government gazette no.