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Overlook $20 Oil: StanChart Says “Prices Could Fall As low as $10 A Barrel”

However, however, however… What about peak oil ”
Sigh…..it’s will get tiresome trying to coach you dumbasses. This is actually Part and PARCEL of Peak Oil.

#1: Peak Oil is just not about working out of oil. It’s about working out of Low cost oil. Cheap to find, low cost to amass access, low cost to drill, cheap to refine, low cost to transport. Now we have run out of that stuff.

#2: What we have now as we speak is a desperation transfer by the Saudis to shore up market share while they’ll nonetheless get it and maintain it. They know the future. Their low-cost mega fields are drying up. Water lower is getting worse and worse. They have offshore mega projects…..however they are HELLA expensive in comparison with sticking a soda straw in the sand and getting gentle candy crude. They saw us taking away market share with our heavily leveraged Wall Road Tulip Mania style Shale Oil and they’ll kill it if they’ll.

#Three: The world economy is tanking. Less demand, lower prices. Couple this with the Oil Conflict perpetrated by Saudi Arabia and costs go down even quicker and decrease. And also you dumbfucks think that Peak Oil simply went bye bye…….

Here’s a easy take a look at for yourself to p&i diagram of petroleum refinery questions know whether or not Peak Oil is real. In the great ‘ol days of low cost oil, notably in America you solely had to do this……and the sky p&i diagram of petroleum refinery questions was black with them.

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