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Oil is Canada’s most exported resource. In truth, Canada exports over 3 million barrels of oil to the US per day, 99% of its whole oil exports. Canada is America’s biggest oil supplier, in comparison phd petroleum engineering canada with the 1.9 million barrels the US imports from Mexico. This relationship helps closely link the two economies and is important to the CADUSD, especially when looking at the relationship between oil and this forex pair. Because of the amount of oil Canada exports, the energy of the economic system relies on this useful resource. On account of Canada’s dependence on oil, the Canadian dollar embodies the term “commodity currency”. This weblog will focus on the relationship between oil and the CADUSD.

A commodity foreign money is a currency from a country that possesses a large phd petroleum engineering canada amount of commodities or different natural sources. A country that has a commodity currency has a market primarily based on pure assets and the country’s exports, with the power of the economic system being dependent on such items. Oil is by far Canada’s biggest export, but that isn’t the one natural resource it advantages from. Different commodities that Canada is blessed with massive portions of include gasoline and timber. The general rule of commodity currencies is that when costs are weak, currencies weaken. But, throughout instances of excessive commodity prices, these economies develop quickly and the foreign money will get much stronger.