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Why Does The US Both Import And Export Oil

Why does the US both import and export oil Isn’t capitalism supposed to search out the most cost effective resolution It seems fairly inefficient to import $220 billion worth of oil and export $180 billion worth of oil.

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Why are countries both exporting and importing oil (commodities)
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1. As Ryan Carlyle mentions there are various grades of oil and so much of latest output are gentle-candy whereas US refineries are setup for the heavy grade (with a whole lot of sulphur).

    US is a large landmass and transferring oil from Alaska/North Dakota to New York over road will be really costly within the absence of a pipeline. Nevertheless, if North Dakota crude can attain the West Coast by way of cheaper means it may well then be exported whereas east coast might import though Atlantic. Capitalism will find that cheapest path.
    There’s a little bit of geostrategy. US needs to promote a few of its allies oil in return for their cooperation to stop importing from Iran. Petroleum Because of US stress, India’s pipeline with Iran has nearly been cancelled. Efficient Atomization Desulfurization petroleum delivery equipment vancouver Dust-Removal Device Indians absolutely would count on some energy security from the US in return.

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