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The current Situation Of The Sulfur Value

Influenced by tariff coverage, at present, most of sulfur patrons are taking a cautious procurement strategy. They’ve been basically stayed in a waiting state. At present, the price of sulfur has dropped so much in contrast with that in October.

Chang Yizhi–the researcher in the chemical business, has identified that, recently, it is claimed that in 2011, the export tariff of fertilizer in China will implement a 30% to 40% unified export tax price. If this is confirmed, then the export of phosphate fertilizer in China will be enormously limited. While the manufacturing of phosphate fertilizer is certainly one of the main software areas of sulfur in our nation, so as soon as the export of phosphorus fertilizer is restrained, the demand for sulfur in the domestic market demand will likely be lowered. Consequently, due to this damaging issue, the current domestic sulfur market is faced with great pressure.

What’s more, currently, the sulfur in China is very depended on overseas market. In consequence, the decreasing of the demand for sulfur by the domestic market can also be expected to have an effect on the import market of sulfur, which will then lead to the reduction in the value of sulfur. According to the report launched by the funding advisor, it is showed that, at present, sulfur is primarily used in the manufacturing of phosphatic fertilizer in China.

Chang Yizhi additionally identified that, as for the sulfur market, although many people say that the domestic sulfur market has been influenced by the adjustment of tax coverage, which may petrochemical companies in jurong island trigger the decline of market demand. However from the entire international market, currently, the supply of sulfur in America is still Butadiene Equipment very intense. What’s more, a few of the new international sulfur initiatives will soon be put into manufacturing, so the worldwide demand of sulfur will increase. In consequence, the worldwide provide of sulfur will stay tense. So it is expected that the price of sulfur will change greatly in the later stage.

Knowledgeable additionally identified that, in addition to the impression of the connection between provide and demand of the sulfur market, the value of sulfur is also intently related with various kinds of things, similar to the worth of oil and the event state of affairs of petrochemical trade, the supply scenario and value stage of worldwide fertilizer, China’s tariff policy, and so on. At current, as a result of the petrochemical companies in jurong island desulfuration venture within the Center East and China will quickly be put into operation, so the supply of sulfur will increase considerably. Because of this, in the long run, the worth of sulfur is prone to decline.