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SAMREF CoOp Program

SAMREF is a complex refinery which was formed in 1981 for the event, construction, ownership and operation of crude oil refining services in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Following the development and begin-up of the amenities, it commenced operations on November 15, 1984. The design capacity was oklahoma natural gas hub 263,000 barrels per day of Arab Mild Crude, however by a steady enchancment of its services, it now processes about 402,000 barrels per day.

In 1395 (H) and inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Second Five Year Plan, the overall Petroleum and Mineral Organization (Petromin) discussed with Mobil Oil Company the opportunity of constructing a refinery on the West coast of Saudi Arabia. The aim of this refinery is to export finished merchandise to Europe, North America and far East throughout the framework of broad-based mostly strategy for an integrated petroleum industry. After thorough research, the city of Yanbu was chosen as the best location for the brand new refinery.

Thus, approval was given to kind a joint venture below the name of Petromin Mobil Yanbu Refinery Firm Ltd. (PEMREF) as a cutting-edge refinery. The refinery construction was accomplished in 1984 and operations began oklahoma natural gas hub easily.

On eleven/1/1414 (H) (July 01 1993G) the Royal Decree #M/1 was issued whereby all oil refineries, petroleum merchandise, distribution amenities and Petromin shares within the joint enterprise refineries have been merged oklahoma natural gas hub into the Saudi Arabian Oil Firm (Saudi Aramco). Accordingly, Saudi Aramco Company took over all Petromin rights and obligations for these refineries and facilities. On account of this Royal Decree, the identify of the corporate was changed to Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Firm Ltd.