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Eat Hot Pot Ought to Get Rid 6 Bad Habits In Winter

Chilly winter, nothing more than sitting round a desk to eat sizzling pot a pleasing thing. Good and heat rinse pot, not only delicious, but additionally blood fend off the cold, winter is indeed quite a lot of people’s favorite. However in the new pot, some won’t be special consideration to the unhealthy behavior, however might quietly stole this scrumptious in well being. Following these six kinds of scorching pot of unhealthy habits do you’ve

1, love flavor greed “life” simple disease
Lamb, beef, fish and other meat eating scorching pot is lots of people will level to “hard vegetables” within the cold winter, these tasty bites of meat can certainly improve the heat, very gratifying.

However a number of greedy individuals like contemporary, do not have the furnace, often raw meat, uncooked fish on a sizzling pot all to eat fish out immediately. Tong Highway, Tongren Hospital nutritionist nutrition suggestions everyone, raw meat, seafood and pathogenic micro-organisms susceptible to those foods contaminated with parasite eggs, it should be cooked in boiling cooking soup, killing illness-inflicting microorganisms and parasites before consumption, thereby preventing or reducing inflammation of the digestive tract and intestinal parasitic disease.

On the whole, thin-sliced meat within the boiling hot pot about 1 minute, the meat turns into gray coloration from vibrant crimson before they will eat. The clams, shrimp and other shell foods, meat thick, must be boiled for 5 minutes within the pot.

2, regardless of uncooked and cooked easily contaminated
Shabu-shabu, the chopsticks are normally raw and cooked two shoulder accountability: to wok cooked meals, but in addition cooked meals from the pot can be picked up. Some folks even clip loaded with raw meat into the pot, on the same pair of chopsticks with a bowl of meals into the mouth, can also be susceptible to such bacteria in raw food into the mouth, and even the complete plate of food contamination.

Specialists identified that if the utensils for eating hot pot won’t be the indiscriminate use of illness, must be used for folders, containing the raw food dishes and utensils separate direct entrance shall not mix uncooked and cooked, in order to keep away from catching the virus, leading to the mouth into.

Meanwhile, with a view to keep away from cross-contamination, it is best to make use of chopsticks.
3, Addict to eat soup most certainly to hurt the stomach

Eat scorching pot, spicy scorching pot, especially as scorching and spicy, even within the chilly winter typically attracted folks sweat, some individuals like consuming scorching pot side of the town of iced beer or iced drinks, that may solve oil refinery conversion process hot, antipyretic, However experts counsel that such a sizzling and chilly, it is prone to trigger stomach indigestion, causing diarrhea and constipation. Street, kids nutritionist mentioned, will stimulate the stomach to drink iced vasoconstriction, slowing the stomach and intestines, decreasing the secretion of digestive juice; the identical time the temperature drops, digestive enzyme exercise will decline, will not be conducive to digestion. Do not be too impatient to eat hot pot, do not eat too sizzling meals. In addition, temperature also can choose some of the vegetable juice, milk or plant protein drinks, to raised help digestion.

4, heavy gas oil spicy straightforward to get angry
A cold day, oil pot, scorching pot extra by folks of all ages. Pot will likely be marked on a thick layer of meals parcels, robust taste actually delicious, but a layer of greasy marked Youla wrapped, so that the original wholesome vegetables has change into unhealthy, “harmful substances.” Highway, children nutritionist also suggests, marked with a variety of spicy meals (onion, ginger, pepper, and so forth.), will oil refinery conversion process cause the digestive tract edema, hyperemia, have a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, not suitable ulcers, ulcerative colitis patients. Meals to eat shabu-shabu, also when the folder marked the entrance into the part of the fats intake was considerably increased. And the northern winter is dry, spicy food causes the body to devour massive quantities of water, but in addition easily lead to “get angry”, preferably with a cool and gamping vegetables, can play cool, detoxification, the role of a objective. Reminiscent of melon, sponge gourd, rape, spinach, cabbage, mushroom, mushrooms, lotus root, bamboo, bamboo shoots, cabbage and so forth.

5, simple to eat an excessive amount of drink and chat
The difference is that with cooking, pot can make the dishes will not be cool, as lengthy as the pot has been added to the soup, would have been braving the heat pot to the heat, individuals unknowingly drink and chat, ignoring the meal time . Actually, prolonged sitting to eat hot pot, will enormously enhance the burden on the digestive tract.

Professional suggestions, as a result of the stomach continually receiving meals, an extreme intake causes gastric juice, bile, pancreatic juice and different digestive secretion of non-stop, easy to cause gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal pain, diarrhea. Consuming and drinking will induce the occurrence of acute pancreatitis. Can choose to eat vegetables and starchy foods, the last class of Shabu-Shabu, eat eight full to scale back energy intake.

6, the tip of an extended soup simply lead gout
Prompts you, sizzling pot soup is excessive in purine content material, not suitable for patients with hyperuricemia and gout. Adopted by lengthy cooking pot soup nitrite ranges will enhance. Should you drink sizzling pot soup must be boiled 20 minutes, skimming the slick small quantity of food. And high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and coronary heart patients eat one of the best hot pot.

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