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Of the 42 largest oil producing nations in the world, representing roughly 98% of all oil manufacturing, 30 have either nymex crude oil plateaued or handed their peaks.

World oil manufacturing data varies, depending on the database. Also, the definitions of “oil” differ from source to supply: Some count only standard crude plus lease condensates, whereas others will embrace pure fuel liquids and unconventional sources similar to synthetic oil made from Canadian tar sands, biofuels, and different liquids. Lastly, cheap observers might differ as to whether a given producer has plateaued, or would possibly but see a second manufacturing peak. However, these differences are negligible within nymex crude oil the context of the global manufacturing outlook.

Here are two views of the world’s top oil producers, with the peak production dates of each country.

The Oil Manufacturing Story: Pre- and Submit-Peak Nations
A compilation of the production knowledge for the world’s prime 50 producers, utilizing data from BP and the Oil and Fuel Journal, with peak dates and development analysis. Compiled by Steve Andrews and Randy Udall. Final up to date June 2010 with 2009 information. (PDF)

All OPEC Producers Plus Prime 30 Non-OPEC producers

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Of all the non-OPEC producers, only 30 have important manufacturing (over a hundred thousand barrels per day). That is an evaluation of the EIA data for those high 30 non-OPEC producers, plus all 12 OPEC producers, up through 2009. Of those forty two largest oil producing nations on the earth, representing roughly 98% of all oil manufacturing, 30 have either plateaued or handed their peaks. Compiled June 2010 by Rembrandt Koppelaar (non-OPEC) and Chris Nelder (OPEC).