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A group Of Guarantees From God For His People From The Bible

Nevertheless it took time to get exposed to some of the great teachers the Lord has helped me to find. So I say, “Thanks, Father that I’ve now learned these principles.” F.H. The promises are grouped into a number of completely different areas, healing wash me and allow them to pray over him, anointing him with oil within the title of the Lord: Jas 5:15 And the prayer of religion shall save the sick, and the Lord shall increase him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Main in thy light shall we see gentle. Fixed tube plate heat exchanger Ps 36:9 4 nizhnevartovsk petroleum refinery group room thy title’s sake, lead me none of my steps shall slide. Ps 37:31 The L carries me he leads me additionally he retains the door of my lips. Ps 141:3 The L speaks peace 2 me trigger I search, I discover; trigger I knock, it’s opened 2 me. Matt 7:7-eleven ’cause I believe I obtain, I get what I pray four. Mark eleven:24 Cleanse thou me from secret faults. Command deliverances 4 F. Create in me a clean coronary heart, O God; keep the door of my lips. Ps 141:3 Thx F, four a brief work on earth. Thank you, L, that you are angry w the wicked on daily basis. The L would not 4 get my cry ‘trigger I am humble. Ps 9:12 The L fulfills all my petitions. The L has heard me. Ps 6:9 The L has heard me out of his holy hill. The L has heard my prayers I let all my ways B estab. Prov four:26 I prosper ‘cause I pray four the peace of Jeru. Ps 122:6 I put away a froward mouth. I obtain 100fold now on this current time. I rcv abund of grace he inclines to me 7 I write G’s wd on the table of my coronary heart. Prov 7:2,3 If there’s no hope, I still consider in hope. Rom 4:17,18 If hrt condemns, G is higher than hrt yes, I have a goodly heritage. Ps 16:6 The L has blessed me in all the works of my palms. Deut The L has introduced me 4th into a lrg place. The L has brought me out into a rich place. Ps 66:12 The L has crowned me w glory from his mouth I get nizhnevartovsk petroleum refinery group room knowledge I shall not B moved. Psa 46:5 G is my confidence. Ps 65:5 G is my refuge I shall not B moved. Psa 62:6 He keeps my foot from being taken. He will never enable the R 2 B moved. He’s my buckler ‘trigger I stroll uprightly. His mercy endures 4ever. Ps 138 I cast all my cares on J 4, he cares 4 me. 1 Pet 5:7 I solid my burden on the L, how say ye to my soul flee like a bird to ur mtn I shall never B ashamed world w/out end. Joel I trust in him. Ps 34:Eight I belief in the protecting of ur wings. (covert) I walk @ liberty 4 I search Your precepts. Ps 119:Forty five I will not need to combat. I’ll never B ashamed. (wrld w/o end ) I am accepted in the beloved. I am married 2 the L. I am engraved on the palms of his fingers. Jer 3:14, Isa 49:Sixteen I’m never forsaken. Ps 37:25 I’m not afraid of unhealthy information. Ps 112:7 In quietness I shall not B moved. Psa 62:6 J said do not B afraid, so I don’t fear. J’ yoke is straightforward the remainder of wrath you may restrain. Ps 76:10 The L blesses me w peace however he honors those who worry the Lord. He that promises to his personal damage, and does not change. Ps 15:5 He that doesn’t loan his cash at interest, nor takes a bribe against the innocent. He that does this stuff shall never be moved. WORSHIP A day in ur courts nizhnevartovsk petroleum refinery group room is healthier than a thousand. At the identify of J every knee shall bow. Bless the L, O my soul. Ps Blessed B the L G of Israel from eternal 2 eternal. He is worthy of our reward. How terrible R U in your works toward the children of men. I bless the L @ all occasions. His reward shall continually B in my mouth. Ps 34:1 I name on the L, who is worthy to B praised I concern the L, so I bless him. I give the L the glory due his name. I glory in the L. 1 Cor 1:31 I hope in G, 4 I shall yet praise him four the help of his countenance. I kiss the Son lest he be angry the weakness of G is stronger than men. The L inhabits my praises. The L is a man of conflict. The L is his title. Ex 15:Three The whole earth shall B crammed w ur glory. The word of the Lord, that shall stand. This is the day the L has made. I’ll rejoice font-dimension:12″>