Many Oil Free Moisturizers Can Do More Hurt Than Good

Should you undergo from acne, eczema, or dry flaky pores and skin it’s crucial to choose the proper moisturizer on your skin. In case you are applying the identical moisturizer to your face you need to be extra careful.

Many individuals with problem skin suppose that using an oil free moisturizer will help because it will not clog their pores. However that is till they notice that most frequently it isn’t the oil doing the injury. It’s the components within the product itself.

There is also a mistaken belief that the more expensive a pores and skin care product is, the more effective it works. This is just not true. Essentially the most expensive moisturizers on the market can do extra harm than good depending on your skin sort and the ingredients in them.

Most oil free moisturizers contain synthetic additives as a result of they lack the emollient traits of pure essential oils. Emollients have three basic properties – occlusions, humectants and lubrications – that soften and soothe skin.

Pure essential oils are all rich in these key properties however most oil free moisturizers need additives like petroleum jelly to make skin seem smoother. They do this by sealing moisture into the pores and skin, which also clogs your pores and makes the skin appear oily.

For those who really want to grasp the impact this can have in your skin, try this simple check at house. Take some Vaseline petroleum jelly and smear some on your skin. It’ll glisten and shine. Now splash water on that uncovered skin and watch it slide off. It’s the identical impact as mixing car engine oil or petrol with water.

Imagine what that same petroleum jelly is doing to your skin when it’s applied as moisturizer? One other additive to watch out for is paraben. This is used to extend the shelf life of the product but has been flagged down as a carcinogenic in many nations.

So why choose an oil free moisturizer when there are so many pure oils out there? Their principal components are obtained from jojoba, coconut, avocado and grape seeds. These natural moisturizers are good for protecting your skin against damaging sunrays that dry-out and weather pores and skin. Or harsh wintry winds that cause your pores and skin to blister and crack, notably round your lips, all with out clogging the pores.

Some of the most effective pores and skin care merchandise I’ve discovered don’t have any parabens, fragrances, allergens or harmful chemicals whatsoever. So isn’t it time you appeared for a 100% natural different to oil free moisturizers?

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