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Gates Of Vienna

SIAN is rumoured to have about 10,000 Norwegian members (Facebook subscribers). Their strongest local Norwegian branch is in Stavanger. SIAN runs a weekly two-hour present on one of many native radio channels in town.

Arne Tumyr is the leader of SIAN. He can also be a former/current member (possibly chief) of the Norwegian humanist association (atheist organisation). He has beforehand stated that:

“The Allah-contaminated brain must be scrubbed clean with ammonium.”
That’s pretty hardcore stuff, especially for Norway!

Beneath is a translated post written by Arne Tumyr concerning the demonstration in Stavanger yesterday. The unique Norwegian model is posted on SIAN’s homepage. It sheds some a lot-needed gentle on why so few individuals attended the demo.

It is a standard tactic of the Left in Norway to announce nicely upfront its intention to ‘disrupt’ — oops, I mean to ‘arrange counter-demonstrations’ — each time conservatives in Norway plan to stage demonstrations in opposition to immigration, Multiculturalism and Islam.

The Left does this as a result of it serves two functions:

    It sends out a warning to extraordinary people that they need to stay effectively clear because the left considers the demonstrations and its organizers to be unpalatable and racist.
    It’s a thinly-veiled risk to people who they may be bodily attacked, and that they run the danger of being ‘outed’ as evil racists in the feb oil futures media if they present up, which might lead to very unpleasant penalties.

I can’t consider a single ‘announced’ demonstration towards immigration and Islam in the last 30 years that hasn’t been ‘disrupted’ by the left, and folks in Norway are acutely aware of this truth.

Also price mentioning concerning the demonstration in Stavanger is feb oil futures that it was confined to an area of town which isn’t usually visited by its residents (on the wharf subsequent to a busy ring road and an oil museum). Most political stands are held in town square, where the counter-demonstration was held, and where consumers and residents who visit town centre on the weekend tend to stroll previous.