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Let’s Clear The Air, Elon Musk Is Mistaken, You..

You’ve gotten enough electricity to power all of the vehicles within the nation should you stop refining gasoline,” says Musk. “You take a mean of 5 kilowatt hours to refine [one gallon of] gasoline, something just like the Mannequin S can go 20 miles on 5 kilowatt hours.

A Tesla Model S is rated by the EPA as needing 32-38kWh (relying on trim and battery measurement) to travel a hundred miles. So, to go 20 miles requires about 7.5kWh of electricity.

This figure is roughly inline with GREET estimates of total refinery efficiency.
See table 5. Refinery efficiency for gasoline is about 83%. Given the total energy brought in to the refinery within the type of the crude oil being processed, the pure gas to heat it, the electricity to pump it across the plant to holding tanks and tanker trucks, this confirms that a refinery makes use of about 7.5kWh of vitality to provide d m petroleum services a gallon of gasoline.

The flaw in his logic is that the power used in oil refineries is, for probably the most half, not electricity. It is natural gasoline. (Yes, a part of why gasoline is cheap lately is due to the cheap pure gasoline used to boil the barrels of oil to drive the distillation course of) And so the distillation process is driven by heat energy, not electricity. Sadly, typically engineers show a measurement of heat vitality in kWh.

Since the kWh you will see referenced is really only a amount of heat vitality, it’s solely truthful to match this to different forms of heat power. So I chose to compare it to a amount of coal going in to a coal fired electric plant. Underground I found many such plants are solely 30-40% environment friendly, and that the power distribution system can lose about eight-12% getting it to my residence. From there I’ve to convert AC to DC to cost the battery in my electric automobile, which additionally has a ten-15% loss. And in order that d m petroleum services works out to about 5.5 miles on the power used to refine a gallon of gasoline. Considerable none-the-much less! And much friendlier to people which are respiration, crops which might be rising, and rivers which might be flowing. But, it’s not 20 miles.

..now you simply want so as to add the vitality used exploring for oil, drilling, pumping, transport across the planet, trucking, pipelining, distribution, and pumping into your automotive, along with the gasoline used driving out of your way to fill up at a fuel station.

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Elon Musk says an EV can drive 20 miles on the power to refine a gallon of gasoline. Are you able to walk us by way of the calculations

I really like you Elon! However, I sincerely consider you’ve made an error on this point.