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What number of Litres Of Petrol From A Barrel Of Crude Oil

Let me write this in US Liquid Gallons (3.79 liters).
hydrochloric acidI am seeing various notes. One barrel is 42 gallons of oil.

The oil gets transformed into Gasoline, Diesel, Home Heating Oil, varied plastics, lighter fuels resembling Methane/Propane/Butane, and and many others.

Listed below are some numbers from Right here. I believe these are US Statistics.
The tip merchandise make up about 2.6 gallons more than the original quantity of oil, or about 44.6 gallons of end products from a forty two gallon barrel.

Purely distilling the gasoline yields about 11 gallons of gasoline per barrel relying on the oil source.

Nonetheless, cracking and superior processing can truly yield a most return of about 1:1, or crude oil products uses about 42 gallons of fuel per forty two gallon barrel of crude (I presume the remainder is both lost in processing, or recovered as lighter fuels).

US Statistics point out that in 2010, 19,180 barrels/day of crude had been consumed in the USA, out of which 8993 barrels of gasoline had been produced, or about 19.7 gallons per barrel.

This additionally contains 3800 barrels of Diesel, 1447 barrels of aviation gas, and 555 barrels of kerosene and gas oil, or an additional 12.7 gallons of “fuel” for a total of about 32.4 gallons of “fuel” out of crude oil products uses the 42 gallon barrel.

As a consequence of trendy advanced processing in addition crude oil products uses to taxes, each nation presumably would have barely completely different mixtures of end-merchandise. Europe has more small private vehicles running on Diesel than the USA, so it is likely that extra Diesel is produced. However, fuel taxes are much increased, so the next share of the oil could also be used for other purposes than car gas.

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