Crude Oil Price Drop Value Drop Bdo Yellow Phosphorus

Crude Crude oil prices continued to fall last week, prices continued to fall. As of last weekend, BRENT, WTI, DUBAI, respectively 123.Seventy two,122.Forty six,122.83 newest value USD / barrel, compared with last week down 6 dollars.

6 m diameter pressure vessel 500 cubic metersBDO, phosphorus costs drop slightly Last week, BDO, phosphorus prices dropped slightly: the Yangtze River Delta region BDO prices fell 0.39 % to 17,800 yuan / ton, July 25 Shanxi three-dimensional (eleven.39,0.37,three.36%, proper) bulk water BDO manufacturing facility costs remained at 18,000 yuan / ton excessive, barrel cargo supply remained at 18700-19000 yuan / ton; Yangtze River Delta area phosphorus worth to 23,500 yuan fell zero.Sixty one% / ton. Phosphate rock costs rose barely by 1.09% to 465 yuan / ton. (Morning will report data on phosphate rock costs is incorrect, the data providers 465 yuan / ton mistakenly written as 365 yuan worth / ton)

Domestic urea prices declined largely P Market tends to clean

Last week, the nationwide urea costs flat to down from north to south, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi area basically stable prices, transaction costs of urea in Henan in 2450-2500 yuan / ton, the worth downward. High early in Anhui and Jiangsu space, the factory additionally offer lowered to 2,500 yuan / ton. Northern, central to a large area of agricultural fertilizer principally been completed or nearing completion, there are some wants of individual districts. Worldwide urea prices proceed to rise sharply:

Small particles of excessive bulk low FOB Baltic Sea region were up 45 U.S. dollars to 785-800 dollars; specific days of high-end prices from forty five to 800 U.S. dollars, low-end costs from fifty two to 830 U.S. dollars; Arabian Gulf Space high-end costs from 25 to 815 U.S. dollars, low-end prices from 30 to 810 U.S. dollars. Large particles bulk FOB U.S. Gulf low-end value increase from 33 to 888 U.S. dollars, high-end value improve from 17 to 895 U.S. dollars; Arabian Gulf area, high-end prices from forty to 850 U.S. dollars, 15 dollars to low-finish prices 815 dollars.

Last week, fifty five% of the home ammonium powder manufacturing facility supply 3700-3750 yuan, China 64% diammonium manufactured quote maintained at 4400-4600 yuan. Diammonium excessive and volatile worldwide prices: the U.S. Gulf low-finish prices from 15 to 1190 U.S. dollars, high-finish rose from eight to 1210 U.S. dollars; Tunisia and Morocco each supply low-finish this week, up 10 to 1200 U.S. dollars, up 20 dollars to excessive-end 1220 U.S. dollars.

Reviewed analysis report last week, Yantai Wanhua (20.Eighty two,0.Sixty three,three.12%, right) on July 22 first-half earnings report: 1H08 the corporate achieved sales of 4.168 billion yuan, up 18.11%; Foremost working revenue 1.586 billion yuan, up 20.20 percent, 38.05 % gross margin over last yr’s 37.38 percent rise 0.67 share points; to realize internet revenue of listed corporations belonging to 881 million yuan, up forty five.3%. Profit growth was greater than the primary causes for gross sales growth came from: the monetary costs of the decrease cost of gross sales price of decline in corporate income tax rates and authorities subsidies to scale back the increase in earnings.

We believe that the way forward for home MDI market competitors, and lower demand influenced by the decline in textile exports, the corporate’s future progress come from capability enlargement, the subsequent major operating risks from the macroeconomic than-anticipated decline. Company so as to avoid over-reliance on MDI, can be actively creating non-MDI products, we consider that 10,000 chemical industry in China is still the future progress of one of the vital stable. Maintenance of really helpful ranking, we count on 08,09 E PS Had been 1.20,1.52 dollars, corresponding to PE sixteen.40 and 12.Ninety five instances for the proposed adjustment out there to regularly buy.

Dynamic international chemical firms in Texas, Complete Petrochemicals Company parking capacity of 952,000 tons / 12 months polypropylene unit, may be on account of unknown causes stable particles to the system stage rose rapidly.

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