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Oil Refining Enterprises To Speed up Technical Innovation To Adapt To New Rules

From January 1, 2010, China will absolutely implement “automotive Gasoline “GB17930-2006 customary nation . The usual necessities Oil (The steam / Diesel gas ) Olefin content material of not more than 30%, lower than 1% benzene content, sulfur content material of not more than zero.015%, than the current implementation of standards has improved significantly. To satisfy the new standards, Oil Petrochemical companies are via transformation, to improve gasoline quality to meet increasingly stringent Environmental safety Necessities.

“We are in 2008 on the development of an in depth” gasoline quality planning program, “since last yr, has invested practically 300 million yuan, respectively, Yong Ping refinery building of the 500,000 tons / 12 months, 600,000 tons of Yulin refinery / year two sets of MIP (olefin) gadget, two sets of six carbon deep drawing tools similar to increase the standard enchancment projects. At current, these units have been put into operation, effectively lowering the oil within the benzene and olefin content material, product quality meets and even higher customary in China. “November 27, Shaanxi extension of the oil (Group) Petrochemical Know-how Section WANG Jun-feng company chief informed reporters completely satisfied.

Realized, extend the oil (Group) existing three refining plants Crude Processing capacity of greater than 10 million tons / year. One, Wing Ping oil refineries within the olefins and benzene content standards already meet the country . New this year, six-carbon deep drawing tools and 50 tons / yr catalytic cracking unit, the olefin and benzene content of the re-reduced the benzene content of which solely zero.56%. Yan’an Refinery put into operation in August this yr, a hundred and twenty tons / 12 months steady reforming, 1.4 million tons / yr of diesel hydrogenation and 20 tons / yr of benzene extraction unit, it refined oil in the benzene and olefin content than the country standard. Yulin refinery 600,000 tons / year catalytic olefin reconstruction challenge completed in September this yr, and a successful trial run, in order that the plant oil in the olefin content material from 35% to forty% to 25% ~ 30%; benzene content material was by the four.14% to 1% or less, has reached a state standard. Because the unit load price enhance and optimization of process parameters, the plant oil in the olefins and benzene will continue to decline.

“Because the sulfur content in oil, due to extended oil (Group) by the three refineries processed crude oil got here from Yulin, Yan’an production of low sulfur gas (sulfur content material of 0.07% ~ 0.125%), plus refining plants are using superior U.S. fiber efficient desulfurization expertise, which has managed the oil in the sulfur content material of 0.005% or much less, have reached Europe customary. “WANG Jun-feng stated.

Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC and other enterprises related to responsible persons to reporters that they owned petrochemical enterprises, by means of technical innovation or new machine, product oil as early as the second quarter of this year have all reached the nation standard. Shanghai Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, CNOOC Huizhou refinery mission and other enterprises, the indicators of its merchandise have even reached the Euro quality necessities.

Pagoda Ningxia Petrochemical Company is a personal Oil Refinery Firm. “3 years in the past we developed a program to reply to new requirements and implement them one by one. At present, the oil companies basically reached the country normal.” Ningxia Petrochemical Analysis Vice President Chen Baolin pagoda instructed reporters. Sinopec to develop a package of pagodas and quality and saving plans, has invested nearly 200 million yuan to build 100 thousand tons / 12 months restructuring, 100,000 tons / year etherification and 40 t / a hydrogenation unit. These units to enhance the oil high quality, reduce olefin content material, sulfur, benzene and different dangerous parts of feverfew. At present, the pagoda is constructing the second set of one hundred thousand tons petrochemical / 12 months etherification unit, operational, will additional improve the standard of completed oil products to fulfill even better than the state standard, enterprise Economy Advantages can be better.

The examine present that the petrol and the National country than gasoline sulfur content from 0.05% to 0.015%, China petrol vehicles using the nation, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide emissions might be decreased 13 %, 9% and 24%. Without lowering gas financial system and dynamic performance of the premise, to use state gasoline helps to reduce engine coke formation, conducive to the protection and improvement of car emissions scenario, the highway from the source to reduce diesel emissions points. Thus, in 2006 ~ 2008, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong provinces have been ahead of the implementation of the three state oil standard.

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