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The World Is Testing Trump

Trump, of course, has by no means been a slave to consistency on the subject of international coverage (or domestic coverage, for that matter). When Barack Obama was president, it was straightforward sufficient to be against whatever Obama was for in true Marathon knee-jerk trend. Hey, it worked for many Republicans, so it wasn’t like Trump came up with the thought himself or anything. Trump flourished amongst his base by denouncing something Obama did and making sweeping promises of what he’d do, with precisely nothing to again them up. He supposedly had a secret plan for coping with the Islamic State. He was going to bomb them into submission, regardless of the a petroleum engineer salary collateral harm. He might just go in and take all of the Iraqi oil, as spoils of war. He was going to keep the Russians out of the Crimea (!). He was going to scrap the “worst deal ever” with Iran. Russians wouldn’t dare provoke American warships, and neither would Iranian naval boats. North Korea would not dare move their nuclear program ahead. China would change their trade policy in the direction of the United States, and would moreover keep North Korea in check, just because Trump instructed them to take action. By a petroleum engineer salary sheer force of personality, Trump was going to stare a petroleum engineer salary down the world’s leaders and make them blink, as a result of he would threaten to unleash the awesomeness of American military upon any country who dared defy him.