A Hidden Threat

Do you know that the toxic results of benzene exposure can present up as late as 29 years after the first United publicity?

Clearly, the well being risks of occupational or other benzene publicity are grave. Benzene, categorized as a “Class A carcinogen by the Environmental Protecting Company (EPA), is a particularly harmful chemical that is accountable for diseases resembling Hodgkin’s disease, varied respiratory and skin disorders, and even leukemia.

Although benzene has a robust odor, it is clear and colorless. It’s contained primarily in paints, solvents and dyes, and occupational danger is better in the oil and petroleum business, the place benzene is used in refineries. Exposure to benzene is also potential in printing presses and the paper and pulp industries.

Public and Personal Benzene Claims Accumulate Huge Compensation Dollars

When you have been injured by benzene exposure, take coronary heart – benzene litigation is a rising area and has resulted in a number of multi-million dollar lawsuits lately. The largest civil settlement ever in Arizona historical past was in a benzene case through which Unocal (Union Oil of California) agreed to pay $675,000 for benzene groundwater contamination in Tempe, Arizona.

In December 2001, Exxon-Mobil was ordered to pay $eight.2 million in civil penalties and additional financial damages resulting from benzene groundwater pollution in New York Metropolis.

However cities and states haven’t been the one beneficiaries of giant benzene settlements – people have also made inroads into compensation for benzene publicity and damage. The largest settlements have gone to the households of victims who died of benzene-related illnesses. For example, Mobil was forced to pay over $6 million to the household of a 68-12 months-previous man who died of benzene-related leukemia.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Pursue Your Benzene Declare

When you’ve got been stricken with a benzene-related illness or damage, don’t wait until you might be on your demise mattress to gather your rightful damages and compensation for toxic benzene publicity. Contacting an skilled benzene/environmental toxin litigator can assist offer you access to the compensation you deserve. Compensation which can help defray the medical payments and pain and suffering associated with benzene and its many toxic effects.

Clearly, no sum of money can ever restore health or make up for the years of suffering skilled by the hands of occupational or different benzene publicity, but pursuing a benzene declare can have more than financial benefits. It may possibly convince companies to be extra responsible concerning the sale and promotion of products containing the toxic carcinogen chlorinated toluene tower benzene.
Remember to seek medical attention immediately if you are affected by benzene exposure.

The short- and lengthy-time period effects of benzene might be devastating to your well being and your family’s safety, so don’t postpone that doctor’s visit if you suspect your current well being troubles are resulting from benzene poisoning. Sadly, benzene’s results are insidious and infrequently hard to detect. It’s up to you to hunt appropriate medical attention and, if potential, pursue your benzene-associated declare with a reliable and experienced legal advisor.

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